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1) The minimum age eligible for admission for a member is 18 years. 2) It would be compulsory for every member to attend at least two events in a financial year. Any type of intoxication during any of society's projects is strictly prohibited. 3) Members will have to strictly follow the bye-laws of the society. 4) The personal details as furnished by the member should be correct and true. Any changes in the information shall be intimated to the society immediately. 5) As subscription charges, it would be mandatory for every member to submit one-time enrolment charges of Rs. 12/- the first time (Rs. 1/- for each month). Further, he or she is required to submit Rs. 1 per month per person, making it a total of Rs. 13 for the first time. Further onwards, Rs. 1 per month per person will be charged. Moreover, it would be at the discretion of the member to submit such a sum of Rs. 1 per month per person for their family members as well ( only if they wish to contribute). 6) All donations made to society are non-refundable. 7) Membership does not confer the right to access any sort of financial detail about the society unless otherwise approved by the board. 8) The society has the right to cancel membership at any time in case any fraud or malpractice comes to the attention of the board. 9) A member shall be admitted initially for a period of 1 year, subject to revision. 10) Any member of the society found working against the interests, objectives, and reputation of the society will cease to be its member. The society has full power to take such a decision. 11) Any member may resign from the society at any time by writing a letter addressed to the president or secretary. The society has full power to accept such resignations. 12) Members are strictly prohibited from inserting their own or third-party advertising, branding, or any sort of promotional activity in any of the projects of the society or on its website. 13) The society has the right to take legal action against any member who is found guilty of breaching any of the terms and conditions of membership.