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Petals all year round projects

শৈশব (childhood)

1. Childhood and education:

Education enlightens one’s soul. Illiteracy leads to poverty. Petals have taken up the responsibility of helping those children who are unable to pursue education due to a lack of finance. Petals help them with their school or College fees writing materials book exercise copies and all other necessary supplies required for education.

অভিজ্ঞতা (Experiences)

2. Experience:

While taking care of our future generation Petals have not forgotten about those who are old and helpless. Petal stands by all such helpless, left-alone, old people who at their young age have helped us as our maids or garbage collector or rickshaw puller, etc but are now too old to work. Petals help them with their food, medicines, medical check-ups, etc.

স্বনির্ভর (Self-help)

3. Self-help:

Throughout the year Petals help unemployed and handicapped people to earn a living of their own and become self-sufficient. We believe that as long as God has given us the ability to work, begging is never an option. Some have started their own little business and some have been employed.

ধ্যান (Meditation)

4. Meditation:

The work that we do requires us to be mentally focused and physically fit. Thus Petals, under the able guidance of Grandmaster Paushali Bandopadhyay, organize Meditation, Yoga, and Healing classes for the upliftment and enrichment of our mind, body, and soul. Members and guests of all ages attend our classes for their benefit.

ঝুমুরের খাতাঘর (Jhumurer Khata Ghar)

5. Jhumurer Khata Ghar- a small effort for a big tomorrow:

An unusual dream, an unusual idea.
Collect unused white paper. Doesn’t that sound very odd? Yes True. It’s very odd. But this very odd and unusual act was pursued by Late Ms. Jhumur Banerjee. But why?
In our society, many bright students can’t afford a notebook to practice their studies. Ms. Jhumur Banerjee helped them to chase their dream through her very unusual, very odd act of collecting unused white paper. After collection, she used to bind them and distribute them to those students who have literally nothing except a colorful dream in their faded eyes.
But what a cruel mockery of destiny.
3rd May 2000, an accident and the end of everything. Ms. Jhumur Banerjee passed away with her unfulfilled dream.
Time passed. After long 19 years PETALS took great responsibility to fulfill Ms. Jhumur’s incomplete dream through an initiative named “Jhumr Er Khata Ghar”. A truly commendable initiative by Ms. SRIYA MOITRA and Mr. ARPAN MOITRA, daughter and son-in-law of Ms Jhumur Banerjee who are part of the PETALS family.
The journey started on the very auspicious day of Saraswati Puja 2020. PETALS reached out to Birati and Khardaha and registered 50 students for the “Jhumur Er Khata Ghar” card. All students enlisted in this card will get the required items for school throughout the year. PETALS will take full responsibility for all meritorious students holding this card to continue their studies without any obstacles. PETALS family has taken such responsibility for 21 students so far.
Sawpna Maa and Ms. Supriya Devi (mother of Arpan) established the life of this great initiative.
A Big Thanks to Mr. Dibyendu Bhar, Ms. Sujata Chakraborty, and Ms. Bandana Barik for the beautiful arrangement of the program.
Ask for your need and we will fulfill your dream. This is the message PETALS wants to convey to all children who live in a society where darkness looms large.
For Sriya and Arpan, and of course, for PETALS, this is a dream come true, and for these children dream just started.
Please don’t trash your unused page of the notebook, Pen, Pencil, Eraser, Geometry box, Tiffin Box, or Ruler. Give to us. PETALS will distribute those items to children who are dreaming high from their shabby rooms. PETALS is going to take this relentless initiative across West Bengal. PETALS will not let the light of education die out at any cost. It’s an oath by PETALS.