A very brief of "PETALS"

PETALS is an organization of self-realization based on Unconditional Love. Petals are inspired by the Unconditional Love showered on us by Nature or God and we believe sharing this love with those who are helpless gives us Nirmal Ananda (Divine Happiness).
You can bring real hope by Joining Us
We the PETALS call ourselves so because we believe that each person is a PETAL of The One Divine Flower of The Almighty. The members of PETALS family come from all walks of life and various religions too. From doctors, engineers, professors, and advocates to housewives and even domestic workers are all members of PETALS Family. In fact, we believe that every person whose heart aches at the sight of a hungry child, or a sightless old man or even a dying tree or injured animal, is a Petal.

Our Events in Brief

শৈশব (Childhood)

Education enlightens one’s soul. Illiteracy leads to poverty. Petals have taken up the responsibility of helping those children who are unable to pursue education due to lack of finance. Petals help them with their school or College fees writing materials book exercise copies and all other necessary supplies required for education.

অভিজ্ঞতা (Experiences)

While taking care of our future generation Petals have not forgotten about those who are old and helpless. Petal stands by all such helpless, left alone, old people who at their young age have helped us as our maid or garbage collector or rickshaw puller, etc but are now too old to work. Petals help them with their food, medicines, medical check-ups, etc.

স্বনির্ভর (Self-help)

Throughout the year Petals help unemployed and handicapped people to earn a living of their own and become self-sufficient. We believe that as long as God has given us the ability to work, begging is never an option. Some have started their own little business and some have been employed.

ধ্যান (Meditation)

The work that we do requires us to be mentally focused and physically fit. Thus Petals, under the able guidance of Grandmaster Paushali Bandopadhyay, organize Meditation, Yoga and Healing classes for the upliftment and enrichment of our mind, body, and soul. Members and guests of all ages attend our classes for their benefit.

Past Events

Petals journey...

The day when Petals came into existence it was nothing more than a tiny little seed with big dreams in its little heart. Little by little the hard work and perseverance of the members nurtured this seed and it grew from a seed to a sapling to a shrub. Even with its weak stems, it blew cool winds to tired hearts but it wanted to do more. More and more members joined us every day and became strong and beautiful branches. Today it’s a tree that now nourishes many hungry souls. From one or two year project to monthly projects Petals have come a long way. Its branches spread far and wide give cool shaded shelter to hundreds of the wandering homeless. Each day we grow a little more and spread our love a little further.