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PETALS have their ongoing project of months’ ration distribution still continuing. This box of happiness comprising the entire stock of basic necessities which they require for the month is not just a box, but a source of someone’s peace, a feeling that at least they don’t need to worry as to what will they say when their child will come and ask ” what is there for lunch today?” This sense of satisfaction is the biggest blessing we could ever get. Their teary eyes seeing this ration is something that can never be expressed in words. So, this being one of our major projects, is an ongoing one throughout the year, and is taken special care of during Durga Pujas, being a festive time so that everyone enjoys these happy days like us all.

Two brave fighters

1) Sipra Das, fighting bravely in spite of her differently-abled physic. Sometime back she had feebly enquired whether anything can be done for her betterment.
We were introduced to her through Astha, Ashokanagar NGO. She was 18yrs then with slight deformity in her feet. Negligence due to her impoverished condition has rendered her unfit for normal walking. She struggled to make ends meet with her tutors when her mother’s broken leg added to her agonies with a long medical bill. Her old father expired. Her mobile phone stopped working. All her dreams lost color.
Astha, NGO provided a wheelchair. Petals provided Puja with a special ration,  essential medicines, and support to rebuild her broken house. A mobile phone to continue her small online business was also arranged through our friends. Astha offered her diyas and lamps. Sangeeta Madam from the Folk organization too helped her. How is Sipra now???
She is back to fulfilling her colorful dreams. The confidence in her voice gives us the impetus to march ahead helping many more Sipras on our way, spreading love and compassion.
We are grateful and indebted to all our friend’s wellwishers for your continuous overwhelming support.

2) Ankita Saha, a differently-abled girl from Belghoria has been fighting unceasingly, sometimes gathering criticism, sometimes with aplomb and support. Petals provided her with a wheelchair last year, this year puja special ration has been provided. She has requested her daily essential medicines. Petals promptly offered the same and would continue to do so. We also took the entire responsibility for her younger brother, Anupam’s college education. We are trying to make Ankita self-reliant so that she too can live a respectful life.
There are many Ankitas in our society waiting in their wings to fly with little support and love. Can’t we take the initiative and help them to soar high so that our society flourishes along with the youngsters????


Dr. Sudha Mallareddy

Give value not donation
(An able person should be provided with employment and not alms)

Today begging has become a means to make easy money as many kind-hearted people continue to donate their hard-earned money. This leads to the growing nuisance called beggary by fooling innocent people.

We Petals venture into an assignment or task after full scrutiny and survey. We intend to reach out to the most needy and deserving persons.

Just a few days ago we came to know about a unique PAPER PEN from Mr. Subhojit Saha. This pen has seeds embedded in it, which when sown (after using the pen) in the soil will sprout into plants and trees. The pen is mightier than the sword. This eco-friendly pen is mightier still as it will provide the much-needed greenery and livelihood too. This pen with an extraordinary concept needs to be spread far and wide.

In the beginning, we involved 20 of our blind hawker brothers and offered them 100 pens each to sell and spread awareness. We introduced Subhojit to them. In a few days’ time, the demand for this eco-friendly pen has risen a lot with requests of thousands of pens. We could distribute these to some schools in Shantiniketan and Sunderban with the help of other NGOs and also in other institutions. Alok Chowdhury (whose robotic hands replacement was done a few days ago) is also trying to stand on his own feet by selling these Paper pens provided by Petals.

So far Baranagar Petals has successfully provided about 10,000 eco-friendly paper pens, free of cost to some blinds and differently-abled persons to be sold by them at different places in West Bengal. In just one month, the blind brothers and sisters were able to sell about 42,000 pens on their own. This has helped these persons regain their lost self-confidence and self-respect. Petals are spreading smiles across the state.
PETALS is also associated with the “Society for the Welfare of the Blind” association in Naktala. Subhojit Saha has joined us in this work with his eco-friendly pen. Today, all those blind brothers and sisters are happily moving forward on this new path.

On 5th June 2022 (World Environment Day): Petals went with Shubhjit Saha and eco-friendly pens to Jorabagan Traffic Guard, Shobha Bazar Street. On behalf of the Petals family, 500 eco-friendly pens were handed over to Mr. Ashish Dutta who is the main person of “Medical Bank” and “Navadisha” school. The purpose is to bring about a radical change in society by changing the way we think every day. The seeds of love for the environment should be planted even in small children.

We are in talks with some Puja committees to disperse the idea along with the seeds. All this was possible because of the hard work, dedication, and sincerity of Subhojit and of course our blind brothers and sisters. This small initiative is bringing bright smiles and happiness to the lives of those involved. Let’s all get hold of a packet of these environment-friendly pens and disperse the idea behind it.
Request you all to offer charity to the needy ones but not the greedy ones. Thank you.

From darkness to light - Holding the hands of PETALS

It’s quite easy for an able-bodied person to strive hard and fulfill his or her dreams. In contrast, it’s much hard and burdensome for a differently-abled person. For the past 8 years, we have been trying to help many blind brothers and sisters to become self-reliant. Never looking back on this uphill task.
During the dreadful pandemic, we came to know about Pooja Ghosh from Sri Biswajit Ghosh, an RK Mission Narendrapur teacher. Pooja, not blind by birth, had lost her vision due to an optic nerve tumor during her Geography (Hons.) study. She lives in Baranagar with her elderly mother and an elder brother who severed all ties with them after his marriage. We all are quite aware of the pangs of a mother surviving in society with a young blind girl, doing household work in others’ houses.
Petals reached out to her. Learning about her interest in computer study, a laptop with accessories for the blind was provided. We took responsibility for this needy and meritorious student for the last one and a half years. Her hard work and dedication to our continued support have been fruitful. She is selected to work at a Bangalore-based medical science institute for the blind. We are delighted with her. She achieved this through her struggle and determination. On 14th June 2022, Pooja and her mother started for Bangalore to start her new journey.
Our heartfelt congratulations to her and best wishes for her future. She has expressed her gratitude to Petals. We are grateful to all who stood by us in helping Pooja. We are indebted to God for continuous grace and blessings which motivates us in marching ahead.
We will surely follow up and keep you all updated with Pooja’s further achievements as your support is our real motivation.
Stay blessed. Stay safe.
Dr. Sudha Mallareddy

Our children won again!

A moment of elation, pride, and exhilaration. Extremely proud of you dear students. Petals family had taken the entire responsibility for the studies of Four meritorious students. These students have passed their Higher Secondary Exams successfully with star marks.
★Jayshree Manna – 450
★Someswar Das – 475
★Soumyadeep Thakur – 419
★Sagar Mandal – 395
These kids from the economically weaker section proved that they too can work wonders and excel when financially supported and motivated. At one time they were uncertain about their future studies because of some constraints. Their parents and teachers had approached Petals for assistance. We believe in hard work, not mere talk. We extended our firm and continuous support in the form of mobile recharge (for online classes), new books, tuition fees, and other stationery. Our motivation gave impetus to these aspiring youngsters and now their excellent achievements speak volumes of their toil, struggle, and determination. It’s their self-belief and endurance that have brought laurels, both for themselves and for us.
Our heartfelt congratulations on their outstanding performance and best wishes for their future ventures. May they grow to greater heights so as to support other underprivileged meritorious students.
You too can reach out to some needy and bright students in your neighborhood so that they too can excel and achieve their dreams. The time has come to ponder this. We Petals are marching ahead. Will you keep watching from behind??? It’s your chance to get up, spread love, and learn. Once again wishing the students a bright and brilliant future.
Stay blessed. Stay safe.
Dr. Sudha Mallareddy