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PETALS Durga Puja '19


ক্ষুদা তৃষ্ণা মিটে যাক,
এ পুজো আনন্দে ভরে যাক।

Every year during the Durga Puja Petals organize feasts for hundreds of needy and hungry people. They eat whatever they want to and as much as they want on that day. But this year Petals thought of doing something different. Eating a good meal for one only turns them more hungry on the other days when they don’t find any food. So we thought of supplying 100 families in West Bengal with one month’s full ration so that at least during the festive month they don’t have to worry about food. We have surveyed dirty, muddy, waterlogged, slum areas looking for such families. Birati, Basirhat, Hasnabaad, Bongaon, Agarpara, Naihati, Durganagar, Barasaat, Kalyani and so on. What we will give as a ration is as follows:
1. Rice(miniket)
2. Rice(Govinda bhog)
3. Pulses(sona moong dal)
4. Mustard oil
5. Sunflower oil
6. Ghee
7. Tea
8. Sugar
9. Papad
10. Soybean
11. Dairy whitener
12. Besan
13. Salt
14. Flour (Atta and Maida)
15. Sattu
16. Sooji
17. Chiwda
18. Biscuit
19. Muri
20. Toiletry (soap, shampoo, hair oil, detergent, etc)
21. Spices (cumin, cinnamon, cardamom, coriander, turmeric,)
Quantity as per the number of members
** Special edition for houses with children
1. New dress
2. New Toy
3. Books and writing materials
4. Jewelry items for girls between 10 to 18 years.

This is now a major part of our Puja Project for the past 2 years along with many other small-scale projects like Blind Theatre promotion, Drawing competition for street children along with our own kids, paying homage to hardworking people from underprivileged sections of society, and many more.

Event happened:
03/09/2019 to 30/09/2019

Little bundles of joy


On the auspicious Eve of Good Friday’19, PETALS reached out to the little ones at “Navadisha”, a school runs for not-so-privileged children of our society at Jorabagan Traffic Police Premises. This event was organized to inculcate the habit of sharing amongst our little future PETALS. So, they were the ones in charge of the entire distribution of all kinds of stationery items like books, pens, pencils, erasers, etc, and along with it were our food packets to approx 118 children. We were surprised to see how these kids have already a seed of love and affection amongst them, they already possess the urge to share their belongings with their other friends. They are those pure creations of Him who do not have any kind of discrimination in their mind, they do not know whether they come from a slum area or footpath. All they know is that they are also like them, tiny little tots, with that serene happiness on their faces. Neither do they mind sharing their chocolates with them, nor do they object to taking a bite from them. Unknowingly, these tiny creations taught us an important lesson, the lesson of oneness with all.PETALS is proud to see our little futures spreading smiles amongst everyone. We hope to come back to these smiling faces soon.

Sparkling eyes


There is a saying that our eyes reflect what our heart is.PETALS witnessed this very evidently and clearly in its Tarakeshwar Trip with some of our most special friends.
PETALS executes numerous projects every year, but the happiness and satisfaction to work with our sightless friends, have always been something special. These winters PETALS reached out to them again with a question, what can we do to make your winters better? With a sore throat, Ms.Kakoli answered, “Oh please Didi, do whatever but don’t give us blankets… Plenty of it we have… Under the name of donation and clicking pictures, people just randomly distribute blankets, without even knowing what we want”… Upon this, one of our senior members, Mr.Dibyendu Bhar, approached and asked them, Then what do you all want? There came a voice saying that “what else can anyone do for us…We are blind people, and we have accepted our life traveling station to station to somehow earn our bread. Never anyone thinks of taking us out on an excursion or a trip because somewhere we are a burden to them. It is okay, we are used to this life now..” There came tears to the eyes of our members. There came a thought to PETALS and instantly asked them, how about the Tarakeshwar Temple visit. At once they jumped with joyful teary eyes and said nobody ever thought like this for us. We always see Him with our inner eyes but never got the opportunity to touch and feel Him. Please take us there because perhaps we can feel more than a person with eyes. We can absorb that happiness within ourselves more than a normal person.PETALS immediately took the decision to take approx 60 of our sightless friends to the Shiva Temple and fulfill this wish of theirs this winter. Some of the senior members of PETALS conducted a survey of the temple on 05/01/19 and made the required arrangements, with the special initiative of Mr.Sayan Ganguly, the main priest of the temple who took care of the entire matter. So for the first time in the history of the temple, on 16/01/19 some vision-less children of Him, went to feel His greatness, holding hands of His other children. The excitement to go was very clear from the saying of a mother that her daughter could not even blink her eyes the previous night. There were special arrangements for the Mahaprasad for them with veg meal accompanied with special gifts for each one of them.
We saw the difference between praying to Him for our own wishes and helping someone else pray for their wish. PETALS always conveys a unique message through its project, this being another one, that there is a world beyond what we see. There is happiness beyond our own. The feeling when someone says, thank you for making our lifelong wish come true, makes us contend that there could be nothing more to be asked for in this life. Their sparkling eyes said it all!