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20th December 2020 – an extraordinary day for the PETALS Family.
We had taken the responsibility to lend our helping hand and support a section of our society that has long remained hidden behind the shine and glitter of the city we live in. This group of people, aged 60-90, was often neglected by family and remained uncared living in some dingy corner of their homes. They too had cherished some unfulfilled dreams in their eyes, weary with age.
Though the Year 2020 saw the shattering of many a dream, PETALS intended to realize the small dreams of these elderly people. In consideration of some such objectives, we reached Sobhabazar’s Medical Bank where a group of 51 elders had gathered for an evening session of warmth and togetherness. All they wished for was some time spent with people with some loving words, a soothing touch, and overall an evening spent cheerfully as they saw some of their innermost desires being realized. No big dreams, just a flask for sipping warm tea, a sweater, a shawl, a blanket to keep away the winter chill, an emergency light to brighten up someone in darkness, a knee cap to strengthen the weak legs to face the world, a walking stick to walk some more miles before resting finally. All were eagerly delighted and relished the gifts offered. They poured on us, their blessings of joy – this was visible in the twinkle of their eyes which were overwhelmed with the generosity bestowed on them. Their boundless satisfaction is what touched the core of our hearts.
We could comfort them to some extent so that they gather enough courage to face the present and hope for the future. From this bounty of love, we pledged that we would offer our support to 100 such elders every year. Can’t we afford this??? Kindness is a gift we all can afford to give.
We were all soaked up in the warmth of their love and would remain Grateful to God for providing us with this chance of emotional enrichment through Divine Grace.
Stay Happy, Stay Blessed.

#Sudha Mallareddy

Good health is true wealth and health is the greatest gift of God


Only a healthy body is capable of building a healthy society. With these noble thoughts in mind, we PETALS ventured upon yet another social cause.
In our society, there are many kids who have never heard of terms like hygiene, immunity, vitamin C, etc. Only a distressed feeling of hunger can be seen in their physical being, along with their pale, neglected skin peeping out of the gaps in their torn and tattered clothes. These kids sometimes appear on the big banners of Chaumatha Street and sometimes on social media pages for people with self-centred publicising intent.
Should we just stop looking at these pictures? Isn’t there anything else that can be done? Should we not come out of our own comfort zones and lend a helping hand?
Yes, it is rightly said that “If there is a will, there is always a way”. We Petals resolved to take responsibility for the health of these kids. PETALS has already taken on the responsibility of educating some of these kids. Now we are contributing in our own way to their much-neglected health issues. This decent thought would have been just a thought if we were not supported and encouraged by a famous paediatrician, Dr. Sumon Poddar. He took on the entire responsibility of a full health checkup and disbursing medicines. He has shown his extraordinary medical skills and treated about 92 children with utmost care on October 11, 2020, in a medical camp set up by PETALS, adjacent to Dakshineswar near Jetty Ghat at “Sri Sri Ramakrishna Maha Mandal”, which has been a place of great significance for Thkur Sr Sr Rmakriha Paramahansa Dv.
The people in this area wished that we took care of the children’s health issues. Here in the special company of Sri Pallabbabu of the Bally Chorus, about 100 deprived children have found a new path today. They have learned not only to brush their teeth before eating but also about nutrition and hygiene through the light of education and love showered upon them.
We do not wish to stop with this distribution of nutritious and delicious food, toothpaste, masks, soap, sanitizer, and food. If we get a chance, we will take full responsibility for the overall healthy development of these children, along with regular follow-ups.
Praising our efforts, a thankful mother of the 89th child said with tearful eyes, “God has come Himself to treat our kids in the form of such a great doctor.”
At the end of the day, the famous statue of baby Jesus in the lap of Mother Mary (at Sri Sri Ramakrishna Maha Mandal) suddenly shines bright, brightening the faces of all the children. Thakur Sri Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa Dev had worshipped this statue, realising the presence of the Lord Jesus here.
We bow down to the great souls who have extended their heartfelt support in spreading happiness and joy, believing in the great saying of the Dalai Lama, “Happiness is the highest form of health.”

#Sudha Mallareddy


Celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna


We are all locked in our homes away from my friends, friends, and close relatives, spending days in hope to be able to go out again like before, but this situation is worse for children because we adults may understand the situation, but they are too innocent to understand what is going on around us. There are some children, however, for whom it does not really matter whether it’s a lockdown period or not because they are always locked down to their beds in hospital. They cannot go out to see the rainbow, nor can they go out in the fields to play; neither school nor studies allow them to do so. They did not grow up with toys, books, and school bags. They are growing up with medicines, needles, pipes, and chemotherapy. Their days to play in the fields are being spent in unbearable pain on their beds in the hospitals. Little children are suffering from cancer. But these are no ordinary children because Petals has seen Lord Krishna in them. So this Janmashtami, the petals reached out to these little Krishnas to spread smiles amongst them with handicrafts of butter, chocolates, and various gifts. We went to three places and reached out to almost 300 Little Krishnas.
Institute of Child Health
Saroj Gupta Cancer Hospital
CanKids KidsCan Home
We were accompanied by Dr. Suman Poddar, who is a wonderful and very helpful person. Almost like God in human disguise. He elaborately discussed with us how to stay healthy and cope with the present difficult situation that we are all facing due to the arrival of the novel coronavirus. Along with that, he also extended his support to the children suffering from cancer and promised to stay by their side in any way he could.
From the core of our hearts, we wish to thank and show our gratitude and also salute all those who helped us fill the handicrafts with goodies, love, and devotion.
Given below is the link to the YouTube video of our channel, where you will see the most unique celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna.
Thank you.

Fight against Amphan Disaster


Have you ever seen a bird weaving its nest? If you do, I think you’ll be able to appreciate the enormous efforts they put into it. Starting from collecting materials, protecting those from all sorts of nuisances, and finally crafting a little piece of art out of those waste materials, it’s a scene to watch! But here we are talking about people—the people with sweat and blood, No, they are not intellects—they aren’t the speakers; they are the doers, the builders, the backbone of society yet most neglected! This group of people isn’t protesting in the streets for electricity or water, although they are the hardest hit by the supercyclone and have been suffering the most because of the dual effects of the lockdown and the cyclone. You must be imagining this as a scene from Sundarban; no, it’s not; they live just outside the Dakshineswar “Maa Bhabatarini” temple premises. You have not noticed them, right? Naturally, their faces have not appeared in the news flash!
Just a few months ago, a catastrophic, demolished fire swallowed everything that belonged to them, except their lives. Just when they started to bounce back, “Amphan” hit them hard where it hurts most—one more time, making them homeless, starving, and stripping off all their belongings.
Deepa, nine months pregnant, does not know where her child will see the first ray of light on Earth! Babul, handicapped with both of his hands amputated, is helplessly watching his 82-year-old mother starve. Ratul, who recently broke his right arm in an accident, is vehemently searching for a plastic bag—no, not to cover his head, but to save the only earthen oven he has as a possession. He does not care about the harmful aspects of plastic to human health; in fact, a starving stomach does not care about anything in the world except food. Sumit, an auto rickshaw driver by profession, has lost the only shelter built with all his toil and blood; this lockdown did not just stop the engine of the auto-rickshaw; rather, it stopped the only engine ensuring two ends meet for his family. Sumit’s two-year-old boy is incessantly crying as he does not know a better way to express his anguish of starvation—his tears and feeble gibberish rattling us to the core; we could not stand long there!
No, we do not dare to call ourselves “Messiah”, Only God can ease their pain and suffering. We from PETALS are only trying to stand beside them firmly in this testing time. The fact always mesmerizes me that these people, with almost everything lost, can so easily be happy after just getting a piece of “tarpaulin,”, yet we, the privileged and far more blessed, curse everything under the sun for just missing a thing or two in life. With all your support, we can ensure that, from tomorrow onwards, Sumit’s two-year-old son does not have a dinner plate filled with dirty rainwater dripping over his head.
PETALS is grateful to “Tiffin Ghar” and all its members (who have been arranging two meals for 500 starving people and milk for the children every day since the lockdown started) for the wonderful support. Shri Shansanka Bhavsar, the pioneer of the “Tiffin Ghar” rightly pointed out, “Someone had to take the responsibility, and we stood out; we’re determined to ensure that no one is starving in our locality”.
PETALS thanks Pritwiraj Paul, a wonderful person and a member of the PETALS family, for introducing PETALS to the noble cause here at Dakshineswar. Along with Pritwiraj, a new member, Amalendu Banerjee, not only stood beside us but also helped in all possible ways (including financially) to get this through together. The “Tiffin Ghar” members were all helping in fixing the tarpaulin sheets as a temporary shelter and distributing the clothes among the homeless. The renovation work for the completely collapsed structures has also started, but there’s a lot to do yet. Mother Ganges was looking beautiful and shiny today, promising new hope. While passing through the Bally bridge and conveying the prayers towards “MAA Bhabatarini” the glorious temple dome was reminding me of “Rani Rashmoni”.

Ranima, you’re utterly needed now, not on TV sets but among these distressed souls. We know that had you been here today, the temple door would not have shut but rather provided these poor souls with the shelter they need. The temple canteen would have served thousands of people every day! An old lady was repeatedly blessing us, although we had nothing to offer her as we were done with the relief work and were returning. I don’t know why, but the repeated blessing of the old lady instilled an incredible feeling within me, and I could not be more sure of “MAA Bhabatrini’s” presence among us all. I started murmuring.
“Bohurupe sammukhe tomar, chhari kotha khunjichho Ishwar, Jibe prem kore jei jon, sei jon sebichhe Ishwar.”
Where are you looking for God when he is in front of you in every living being, in many different forms? Those who serve mankind (and any other living being) are serving God.

Written by Murali Mohon Ghosh

Fight against COVID19: ration distribution to Cancer Fighter Kids


Any celebration gets its real value when it brings a smile to anyone’s face. This year, on Mother’s Day, PETALS witnessed such an incident. 10th May 2020 The whole world is dealing with a pandemic monster. The lockdown has been imposed everywhere. Life has become more difficult. In such a terrible situation, PETALS heard of the plight of some mothers who came to India for their children’s treatment of dreaded cancer and were stuck amidst lockdown. They were left with no money. They could only see the agony of their children, their hungry stomachs, and their faded eyes. All hell broke loose in their lives.
PETALS came forward to make a bit of a difference in their stranded lives. PETALS not only supplied the required medicines, food, and other necessary stuff to make their lives easier but also made a promise to provide every support as and when required during their stay in India.
The pledge that PETALS made brought a glimpse of a smile to those mothers’ faces, and that accomplished the meaning of ‘Mother’s Day’ in its true sense.
PETALS takes a bow to those holy souls who made their footprint on the journey and generously contributed to this cause. They are-
Smt. Jyoti Debnath (mother of Ranjit Debnath)
Mrs. Ive Baral and Mr. Tapan Kumar Halder
Mrs. Suparna Debnath and Mr. Ranjit Debnath
Mrs.Payel Roy Majumder and Mr.Debojyoti Roy
Heartfelt gratitude from PETALS

Fight against COVID - 19: Transgender Event


In a time of crisis like this, every human being, no matter what our profession may be, is in need of each other’s help. But there are some sections of society that are considered “forbidden sections”. Not many of us reach out to them in times of crisis. As a matter of fact, we even forget about their existence. One of them is a sex worker, and the other is a transgender person. PETALS has already worked with the first section at Shovabazaar.
In spite of all the new amendments and rights for transgender individuals, these individuals face discrimination within their own family units and schools, in employment and housing, within government settings, through hate crimes, and under the justice and legal systems. As a result, most of them are homeless and do not even get jobs. Now at this time, when there is not an individual on the road to beg for alms, they
are simply destined to die of starvation. With a starving voice too weak to speak, they called up Petal’s office. We were alarmed by the description of their situation. No food, no medicine, no money, and most importantly, nobody to help them! We are making arrangements to reach out to them as soon as possible. Are you there with us? Will you feed at least one such hungry soul, regardless of their profession or gender?

Fight against COVID - 19: Maniktala Event


Do we remember the lines of the immortal song

ভারত আমার ভারতবর্ষ
স্বদেশ আমার স্বপ্ন গো… (India my Indian homeland is my dream…)

It does not seem so.
In the same way, we have forgotten about a certain section of society. They pay bills, pay taxes, dutifully clear exams for jobs, and never refrain from a minuscule job to keep their kitchen running. Yes, these are the middle classes.
Even though their medicines have stopped and the evening cup of tea has also stopped, this particular section of society is ashamed to stand in a free queue to get a free meal.

Petal’s friend and highly ranked police official, Mr. Jayanta, was contacted by Dr. Rajat Maity and the Inspector of Police, Mr. Arun Kumar Hansa, and with their solo effort, they ran a welfare center in Maniktala. Some friends and students also joined.
This welfare clinic is absolutely free of charge.
The doctors there have been giving relentless service for the last month, and naturally, they are also extremely tired. That’s when they approached Mr. Jayanta, and only then did Petals dive in to help with the already beautifully running project.
Petals are giving the 150 families a one-month ration. Along with that, there are milk packets for infants. The amount to be paid for all of this is only Rs. 5/-.
The families have been identified by the doctors serving there.
We are delighted and glad to be able to serve mankind.

Venue: 15/22 Biplabi Barin Ghosh Sarani, Near Pratap Sangha Club
Opp. Tufan Sangha Club
Kolkata (700067)

Date: April 26, 2020
Time: 12 noon

Petals are blessed with your good wishes and God’s grace.

ভারত আমার ভারতবর্ষ
স্বদেশ আমার স্বপ্ন গো
তোমাতে আমরা লহিয়া জন্ম
ধন্য হয়েছি ধন্য গো (India my India homeland is my dream. We are blessed and thankful to be born here)

Fight against Covid 19: Sovabazar Red Light Area event


Every human being on earth has the right to live. This could be heaven, or this could be hell. Today’s story is based on a place where the inhabitants are just prisoners of their own devices, a place that everyone ignores. Yes, it’s Shova Bazar Forbidden Area, a brothel where life is lived in darkness and with stigma.
The whole world is now under lockdown for the outbreak of COVID-19. In this situation, who wants to listen to the story of those dark alleys? Life has halted. No earnings, no food. Very grim situation. PETALS learned about their miserable condition from Mr. D. Ashish of Shova Bazar Medica and O.C. of Battala police station and generously came forward to make a bit of a difference in their shabby lives.
PETALS reached the place with Mr. Jayanta Chakraborty from the police department to distribute rice, pulses, cooking oil, soybeans, potatoes, tea, biscuits, flour, and soap to 200 families. At the end of the distribution, the smiles and tears in their eyes told so many untold stories. Blessing poured on PETALS from the bottom of their heart. It’s really an inexplicable moment for the PETALS family. PETALS once again proved that “Sokoler Tore Sokole Amra Protteke Amra Porer Tore” (Human is for humanity)
Encouragement and support received from different parts of the globe to make this mission successful. We are overwhelmed. A big thanks to Mr. Suman Pal, the O.C. of Battala PS, Mr. D. Ashis from Shobha Bazaar Medical Bank, Mr. Avijit from Onkar TV Channel, Mr. Nilu, Sujata Chakraborty, and Mr. Jayanta Chakraborty for the whole arrangement and being with us all the time.
A deepest gratitude, respect, and salute to all those kind-hearted people who donated to this noble cause. Thank you for being with us and supporting us in all our ventures.

Fight against devastating Covid situation

April, 2020

The devastating COVID-19 pandemic has led to severe global food insecurity, affecting vulnerable households all over our country. Many families are facing extreme poverty, with sole bread earners losing their livelihoods, and the number of undernourished people is increasing every day due to a lack of proper food.
As per our commitment, we Petals have been striving throughout the year to reach out to the needy families, lockdown or no lockdown, as the pangs of hunger do not understand the language of socioeconomic situations. We have been receiving desperate calls from men and women from the marginalised sections of our society seeking help.

Our major activities during lockdown were:

Monthly Ration Distribution:
As most of the families that sought help reside in far-flung villages and localities, sending rations to them, especially in the wake of lockdown restrictions, was a huge challenge. But our team members eagerly responded and delivered rations to their doorsteps, as most of them could not venture out and some were differently abled. The monthly ration included all essential food items, from cereals to pulses, milk powder, biscuits, oil, spices, and snacks. More than 300 families could be helped out with this very indispensible requirement.
Many families who had come to West Bengal for medical treatment, especially kids fighting the dreaded cancer, were left stranded here. These families were supported with monthly ration distributions. They were provided with all the essentials, especially a protein-rich diet, as recommended by the doctor for the cancer-afflicted kids.

Medical aid:
Some old people forced to live all alone owing to the loss of family members were supported by providing the required medical aid in the form of taking them for regular consultations and check-ups and procuring medicines.

Educational assistance:
Many bright, meritorious, and aspiring students who were on the brink of discontinuing their studies owing to scarcity and poor financial conditions were provided with all necessary stationary items, including arrangements for online classes, school and college fees, books, notebooks, and even tuition fees.

Financial Aid and Assistance:
Our top priority was to keep a flow of money flowing to some of the deprived families so that they could purchase basic commodities for themselves according to their requirements. We aim to continuously support each one of them until life gets normal for everyone, and we feel that no family should be left hungry.

Monetary support for restoring homes after the Yaas cyclone:
Some elderly people were given monetary support for restoring homes damaged during heavy storms due to Yaas.

Safety kit distribution:

Many destitute families living in dingy shanties were provided with essential supplies, including medicine and hygiene kits comprising masks, sanitizers, and soap.

Dry ration distribution:
Dry ration food packets and vital health supplies, including masks, sanitizers, and soap, were distributed to deprived people living in miserable conditions on streets, footpaths, and railway stations.

Meditation classes and healing the world
Under the able and exceptional guidance of Reiki Grandmaster Ms. Paushali Bandopadhyay, healing classes were conducted online every day all through the lockdown. The members of the Petals family have been healing and praying for the protection of Mother Earth from COVID and have been touching the lives of many people in need of healing.

We PETALS have a magnanimous responsibility and have been making every effort since the last seven years to touch many lives in whatever possible way and bring smiles to frowning faces. We understand we still have miles to go and thousands to reach out to. We will make every single effort to extend our humanitarian response to the needy. Feeding hundreds of vulnerable families and providing soap and face masks alone will not help in the long run; our focus should be on helping them find jobs as well.
As a community, let us continue to work together to create a conducive environment for all to live gracefully. We can accomplish this only with your support and the grace of God.
Seeking your blessings and lending a hand for this noble cause in spreading the word called “Divine Love through PETALS- Pure Existence Through All Love Living Souls,”

Dr. Sudha Mallareddy