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The Magic of Santa is still alive in different forms


Christmas is a huge celebration for many and no different for some living in poor conditions. Kids consider Santa, a magic of making wishes come true. But who is Santa for the little ones surviving winters in tattered torn clothes with no access to books or toys, whose only wish is to have a full meal a day.
Keeping this in mind, PETALS and ASTHA together reached out to around 150 kids at a brick kiln in Rohanda with a magic show, games, toys, and a wholesome lunch. The sparkle and shine in their smiles elated us too. We could be Santa-like at least for a day.
The elderly, who once hoped that their kids would look after them in old age find themselves in old-age homes or shelters. Subhashnath Babu of Manabik Ranaghat represented Petals and conveyed our love and support for the elderly through our gifts.
Our Mr.Samir Adhikari reached out to an unfortunate mother of a 27yr old differently abled and conveyed the love and financial support provided by our social media friend Mr. Santanu Basu.
Some kids were provided with mattresses at Bira Bharat Seva Ashram by Mr. Subir Das and Mrs. Ivy Das on their daughter’s birthday.
Many hands, one heart, one intention.  Could all these people, often neglected by society feel the presence of Santa? We found Santa through the happiness and cheer we could spread. Did you find Santa? Do let us know.
Stay happy and blessed. Dr. Sudha Mallareddy



Reality is a bit alarming. While some have the luxury to choice of food and waste it too, some can’t afford a morsel. When some kids go to school in high-end cars, some have never seen a school. While some sleep in the comforts of double mattresses with warmers around, some hardly sleep with the winter chill entering their makeshift homes. Such disparity in our vicinity.
Baranagar PETALS wishes to change this disparity.
With a touch of warmth and a bundle of happiness, Baranagar PETALS and ASTHA Ashoknagar reached out to some very needy destitute families in the Sundarbans. Together we distributed warm shawls and blankets to the elderly, winter jackets with hoodies and many gifts for the kids. We had also arranged for a hot sumptuous lunch with these families. Smiles radiating on the faces of all. These smiles strengthen our resolve to reach out to many more needy ones. Grateful to the “Helpp” Foundation and brothers Hrishikesh and Pathikrit because of whom this could be possible. Hand in hand with members of Astha, we wish to spread love and warmth within our limited capacities but with unlimited compassion to serve humanity. Our heartfelt gratitude to the kind-hearted friends who spread their unconditional love to make this mission successful.
Stay happy, and stay Blessed. Dr. Sudha Mallareddy

Medical Camp at RBC Brick Kilns, Rohanda, Madhyamgram


★A Child’s Health is the first Priority★
The day, 20th Nov. 2022, a Sunday. Like every year, Petals chose RBC Brick Kiln, Rohanda, and Madhyamgram as the venue for one of our winter projects, FREE MEDICAL CAMP. Here about 150 kids live with their parents- migrant workers toiling continuously for 8-9 months a year with a break only during the rains.
Our intent was to provide a free health check-up and offer nutritional foods and many more gifts for the kids as they kids living in dire straits; most of them are malnourished, underweight, and with skin and respiratory issues.
We reached there by 9 a.m. Our inspiring doctor, Dr. Sumon Poddar (an eminent pediatrician of ICH, Kolkata), and his medical team started the health checkup, which continued for about 7 hours without a break. Every single child was carefully examined and medicines were provided. Dr. Poddar himself arranged all the costly medicines. Collection of this huge amount of costly medicines was not possible by us. We are indebted to Dr. Sumon Poddar and his team including Mr. Subhojit Mazumdar and Mr. Atanu Sarkar who meticulously conveyed the dosages and details of medicines to the parents of the kids. We are in awe of the determination and passion of Dr. Sumon and his commitment to helping the needy.
We successfully completed our mission still a question arises – will these kids stay healthy and fit, given the ignorance of illiteracy in their families? The male members, waste their hard-earned money on alcohol and other narcotics and the females are ignorant of health & hygiene and live in superstition. With more than 4 small kids with less age gap in a family, they seldom have proper food. Found a 5-yr kid with a still smaller kid tied to her back, as their mother is carrying another one in her womb. The illiterate parents are not worried about their kid’s ailments but are allured by the food and clothes being offered. We could sense the melancholy in the words of the Learned Doctor when he said that the life-saving medicines will be of no value if these are not administered properly.
Though Petals has taken the initiative towards the healthy well-being of the kids at the request of the owner of the kiln, Sri Mahin Babu, we request with folded hands that others come forward with your support.
We have accomplished this task with continuous support from our friend “ASTHA, Ashokanagar” ngo. Continuously by working hand in hand, they proved “We are ALL ONE”. “Manabik Chandpur” and “HELPP Foundation”, whose presence we will always remember. Special mention of Sanghita Di and the FOKE organization without whom this big mission was not possible. We are forever grateful to Mr. Sahadev Som Dada & his elder sister Mrs. Swarnalata Das, our students – Saikat Roy and Sagar Mandal; Mr. Subir Das and all our members, who were working round the clock to make this project a success. We will continue to reach out to these needy families who are unaware of using a simple thermometer. Once again requesting all to join hands to help and encourage these kids remain happy and healthy. As we believe that a child’s health is hope and hope is the engine that propels life ahead.
Stay happy and blessed.
Dr. Sudha Mallareddy


October 2022

We have come to the end of the great celebration called “Durgotsav “. Our Puja Special Mission has been happily accomplished as many needy families have been assured of 52 kg of ration and other essentials for about two months. Friends and well-wishers from India and abroad extended their continuous support and encouragement. We had the full active backing of prestigious organizations along with Astha NGO and many other volunteers. We had all been working together with the sole intent to reach out to the extremely needy ones in society. Strangers became friends and part of the Petals family. New clothes, essential study materials, medicines for the elderly, and many more puja gifts were provided to many backward families. Self-reliance was also our main project of us. We wished to celebrate Puja including one and all in our festivities, leaving none behind. Happy parents could venture out to pandals with well-fed kids. All are at peace.
JAY MAA DURGA. Do come early next year with your bundle of Grace and gifts.
May this ending pave the way for new possibilities to spread more love around. We are forever grateful to the kind-hearted persons who shared their unconditional love with us.
Shubho Bijaya and happy Dussera to ALL!!!
A very happy Diwali and Happy New Year, 2023 in advance!!!
Stay Blessed.


Janmastami 2022 - an unique celebration by the Petals Family


There are many unfortunate kids fighting the odds of dreadful cancer. No open sky, no playground; neither school nor education for them. Life ticking away lying on a hospital bed, bearing the pain and pressure of pricking needles, high doses of medicine, and chemotherapy. And cancer has brought with it other ailments adding to the agony.

On Janmashtami Petals reached out to these brave hearts at two places:
★Institute of Child Health (ICH, Kolkata)
★CanKids KidsCan Home,

with hearts full of love and compassion along with ‘Noni Handi’ (Butter Pot) filled with gifts and goodies. We wished to offer some moments of fun and frolic for these little fighting Krishnas. The new addition this year was the magic show which won the hearts of little Gopalas. The cancer-free children also shared joy with the sick children.

We are humbled by supporting these fighters in their fight against cancer. We had the support of the kind-hearted Dr. Sumon Poddar in every way possible. We are grateful to all Krishna devotees who joined hands to offer the Noni Handi (Butter Pot) in the hands of these kids.
Wishing early recovery for these fighters.
With lots of love.

Dr. Sudha Mallareddy 

The event happened on the 19th and 20th August, 2022

Old clothes fair organized by Trio


In exchange for blessings and well wishes, they received clothes for one and all in the family
On 23rd April 2022, a unique clothes fair was organized at Rohonda Madhyamgram, a brick kiln by TRISHAKTI – Manavik Chandpur, Astha Ashok Nagar, and Baranagar Petals. The intent was to offer old clothes (in very good condition).
The people work in the kiln with tattered and torn clothes, with no wish or means for getting new ones.
Bags full of new unworn clothes are stacked in most of our wardrobes, mostly because we did not like the color or fitting, and of course, we have a choice of plenty of other options to wear. Would it not be great if these unwanted clothes be offered to some needy people? We did so and offered these not-so-fortunate ones, clothes to choose for themselves which they rarely get to do. It was wonderful to see small kids happy and overwhelmed picking up dresses of choice.  We gave our unused clothes a new life and a chance to grace the bodies of the neediest ones. The smiles on their faces were worth capturing.
Rations were also provided for these families.
Our intent was when these people will go home with their hands full of clothes, their stomachs should not be empty. In this way, the joy of those Rohanda people was fulfilled.
We salute the two great organizations like “Astha Ashoknagar” and “Manabik Chandpur”. We got a touch of wonderful warmth and cordiality from your side. We all got together and went to another world of happiness. The importance of the banner waned and everyone became “from ME to the US”. We hope that in the future we will be able to stand by the side of many more people with this trinity and will be able to deliver the necessary items and a handful of joy to the hapless people of the Almighty. Together we will become “people for people, life for life”.


April 2022

After a prolonged struggle for about 115 days, Baranagar Petals, striving for the well-being of differently-abled, elderly, and children of the weaker sections of society, brought back an elderly mother from the perils of disease and distress. A plate of food was an honor; love – an illusion; a piece of clean cloth – a distant thought and cure or treatment – a mere dream for this 70yr old mother- Bhabani Bhattacharya. She used to live on the filthy footpath near Dum Dum station, seeking food and alms. A heap of old clothes and a small bag with some coins were her only possession.

Baranagar Petals have been providing lunch packets to the hungry and deprived in and around Kolkata for some years. That is how Petals met the old mother who lived on the footpath under the bridge of Dumdum station. On 12th April 2022 members of the Petals family were taken aback when they came across this elderly lady with a deep maggot-infested injury on her head, stinking and lying in agony. Immediately with assistance from local police, she was taken to R G KAR Hospital, where she was denied admission but was attended to by Dr. Pinky Singh under the open sky because of the maggot infestation. She was provided first aid. We had no other option than to take her back and the daily dressing was done. With no improvement in her condition, we approached R G Kar Hospital again. After a long struggle, Petals with much persuasion and help from the authorities and police, she was provided a bed in R G Kar Hospital after 6 days and proper treatment started. The story does not end here. Members of Petals have been constantly beside her providing all kinds of support with daily visits, instilling faith with love and compassion. She got her family back – the Petals family. Three months have passed by, with the elderly mother facing 3 operations with plastic surgery. Now she is completely healed. A place for her stay has been arranged in an old-age home as we do not intend to leave her back on the footpath in the sunset years of her life. Her health, food, and accommodation will be taken care of here along with other senior citizens. We wish her a comfortable stay here with a life full of health and happiness in her newfound home- “Bhalobasha Neer” (Bhalobasa Old Age Home)

We continue on our journey with our humane efforts as there are many more elderly mothers waiting to be cared for. Your constant support to continue our movement is gratefully acknowledged.

Dr. Sudha Mallareddy

Dream Journey of Indrajit Chowdhury

February 2022

By the grace of God, Indrajit (Alok) Chowdhury has now begun a new journey in his life. In June 2020, Indrajit’s body was burned with 11000 volts. Treatment continued at a prominent hospital in Kolkata. The left hand was amputated in just three days. He thought he would live with one hand. But there was something else written in his destiny. The right

 hand was also amputated due to deteriorating physical condition. This was like a curse. The lower part of the waist was also disabled. Deep darkness descended on the family. During the Corona in 2020, Indrajit stood by the side of many people by supplying oxygen cylinders, sometimes medicines, and sometimes food to the suffering people. Then suddenly Alok’s own life was shattered.
But no, destiny is not like that. In 2021, we Petals learned about Indrajit and stood beside him. After hearing all the words, a member of Petals took responsibility for Indrajit’s child. But the end is not here. Indrajit Chowdhury has to live. That’s why the senior members of Petals started looking for a way out. Through Mrs. Swapna Chowdhury we came to know Mr. Debopam Chakraborty and his wife Mrs. Aditi Chakraborty at Secunderabad. We got to know about Reboot Orthocare where Alok can get Robotic Hands. But the value of this hand is much higher. Combining two hands means a huge amount. But no, Petals did not back down because Petals vowed to move forward.
On 31st January 2022 Alok started his journey with three of his family members to Secunderabad with the help of PETALS. Debopambabu and Aditi Devi took over all the responsibilities of Alok in Secunderabad. An immense battle lasted for eight days. We are also grateful to SAPREM (NGO) for all their support to bring Alok Chowdhury back to normal life.  Two hands were planted successfully. After two years, Alok drank water and ate food with his own hands. He also ate biryani at the hotel. He was overjoyed. The lower part of the waist has started to heal slowly with the help of exercise. Dr. Sahoo of Reboot Orthocare has said that he would always be there to solve such problems in India.
The end is not here. PETALS  has taken full responsibility for the physiotherapy of Alok Chowdhury. Our battle will continue till Alok get back to full normalcy.
Petals have taken an oath that “When everyone turns away when despair sets in, we will stand by the people who need a little bit of empathy, a little bit of love today.”