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Nature is the most important part of the Petals family. Nature in all ways tries to nurture all living things growing in it. It never wants anything in return. The Love that nature showers on us are the purest form of Unconditional Love which is a source of motivation for all Petals.

Then the question arises What is Natural Calamity?
To shower this Unconditional Love on all life forms Nature maintains its own balance which is obediently followed and maintained by every living being except Humans. Humans, in spite of being God’s so-called best creation, has caused the worst of destructions to Nature. Their Extensive development, deforestation, nuclear wars, scientific tests, etc have depleted and exhausted the nature in every way possible but nature cannot disrupt its own balance. It continues to love us back just the way it always had. The difference is that the calm and organized Nature is bruised, hurt and broken and so is its Love. A little heavy rain causes landslides and floods. Why? No trees. Acres and acres of infertile lands. Why? Nuclear bomb reaction. Greenhouse effect and global warming. Why? Pollution.

Now comes the Final questions Is there a way to recover? Can Petals help? Yes, to both the questions. We believe Nature is just like a mother to us and like every mother it is capable of forgiving her children. We just need to give her the Love and respect that she has always deserved but never given just because she never asked for. We Petals will plant as many trees as possible everywhere. We will teach our upcoming generations also to do so. We will carry out awareness programs to teach ways to reduce pollution and to promote cleanliness. We will inspire people to think like the little girl Severn Cullis Suzuki who, at the Rio Summit of 1992 silenced the world for 5 minutes with her inspirational speech.

by Sriya Pan Moitra

Click on the link below to listen to this little girl’s inspirational speech